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In situations involving allegations of domestic abuse, JCJ Law provides vital assistance in applying for or defending against injunctions. A non-molestation order serves to prohibit specific actions, such as harassment or violence, by the named individual against the applicant. Similarly, an occupation order regulates occupancy rights, determining who can reside in a property and may include provisions for exclusion. Our team is adept at guiding clients through the complexities of these applications, offering both legal advice and practical support throughout the process.



Injunctions are court orders that require a person to refrain from doing something (prohibitory injunction). In the context of family law, injunctions are commonly sought in cases involving domestic abuse or disputes over property occupancy. They serve to prevent harm or interference and maintain a certain status quo pending further legal proceedings.

Non-Molestation Orders:

A non-molestation order is a specific type of injunction aimed at preventing one person from molesting, harassing, intimidating, or using violence against another person. It provides legal protection to victims of domestic abuse by prohibiting the abusive individual from engaging in certain behaviours that cause harm or distress to the victim. Non-molestation orders are typically sought by victims of domestic violence or abuse to safeguard themselves and their children from further harm.

Occupation Orders:

Occupation orders are another form of injunction used in family law proceedings to regulate who can occupy a property or certain parts of it. These orders are commonly sought in cases where there is a dispute over living arrangements, such as following separation or divorce. An occupation order may determine who has the right to reside in the family home and may include provisions for excluding one party from the property or restricting their access to certain areas. These orders aim to protect the interests of individuals, particularly vulnerable parties and children, in disputes over property occupancy.


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