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Here To Help You Through The Legal Process

As McKenzie Friends specialising in Family Law, we can provide guidance and advice for a wide range of legal procedures. In this way, you can navigate the court system with confidence, and know what to expect. In the court system, this really comes in handy, as it's often a tense process, which can have life-changing implications for everyone involved. We are able to assist with all aspects of Divorce, Child custody, Care Proceedings, and Injunctions. Get in touch today to arrange legal support.


Our role as McKenzie Friends

We specialise in assisting with a range of Court Orders relating to child custody and Family Law. We will explain your options in relation to these orders and help you to complete the relevant forms. We will go through the court process with you, including attending court, and explain the roles of the various people involved. We will also help you to prepare any statements and advise you in relation to documents filed by others involved in the proceedings.

We are associated with other professionals working in the area of Family Law, to whom we are able to refer you, should you require other professional advice.



Other services we offer

We also support other services, including:

Triple P
Positive Parenting Program
Basic Parenting Support
Basic parenting support
Freedom Program
Domestic abuse awareness and support

As McKenzie Friends, we offer more than just legal assistance. We will get to know you and your situation, and can offer guidance and support in taking practical steps towards moving forwards with your family situation. Whether you need help with Child custody, discussing arrangements for your children or help in preventing an abusive former partner from affecting your life, we are here to provide useful and practical guidance. 



Court Orders we specialise in


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Disputes about children

There are a range of Court Orders relating to Child Law, including Child Arrangements Orders, Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, Parental Responsibility Orders, Special Guardianship Orders, and Orders for Disclosure of Whereabouts.


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Including Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders. These Injunctions carry considerable penalties when they are broken and are not to be taken lightly, so being able to apply them, or defend yourself from them effectively is paramount.


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Care Proceedings

If a Local Authority applies to the Court to remove a child from your care we can provide support and guidance if you are unable to access a state paid solicitor, which is a right for parents, but not other relatives.


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Including Financial remedies and Appeals. We can provide support and guidance during the stressful stages of a Divorce. Whatever position you are in, we can provide sensible advice and assistance.





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