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JCJ Law is run by John Craig. He has 9 years' experience working in Family Law as a McKenzie Friend. He has extensive experience of assisting unrepresented parties in court, providing timely assistance, support, and advice on procedures of the Court. As a Family Law specialist, he will help you understand every stage or the process, and provide assistance, support and guidance during your legal journey.


  • Masters in Law
  • Undergraduate in Housing Law
  • Currently undertaking Legal Practice qualification


John Craig, founder of JCJ Law

John Craig



Helping you to represent yourself well

Our aim is to use our wide-ranging experience in Family Law to provide genuinely affordable advice, support and guidance for people on low/middle incomes who are planning to represent themselves in the Family Court. We are Family Law specialists and will be able to guide you through a wide range of processes and disputes.




Affordable and accessible

We aim to make legal advice and support available to all. Where using a Solicitor can cost upwards of £300 an hour, our legal support is much more affordable, and better still, it is a personalised and tailored service to you. As McKenzie Friends, we provide a full range of guidance in situations of Family Law.

Timely Family Law assistance

Remember also that it is better to avoid court proceedings if possible and we will discuss alternatives with you. However, if proceedings are unavoidable, we will help you to put your case before the court and ensure you understand the court process. We can also help you make an informed choice about whether to pursue Court action, and enable you to save emotional and financial expense if the case is unlikely to work out in your favour.

Where we serve

We are based in Essex and cover Essex, London and the South East in particular. However, we do travel outside these areas to help our clients, and perform work as Family Law specialists across England and Wales. Get in contact with your enquiry and we will be in touch.




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Need a friend in your corner?

Get in touch with us here for a Family Law specialist McKenzie Friend. Fill out the form as thoroughly as you can and we will be back in touch.